About Us

In September 2020, the University of Oregon was awarded a contract from the Oregon Department of Education to support Oregon’s Post-School Outcomes (PSO) data collection and the Transition Technical Assistance Network (TTAN).

Post-School Outcomes data collection is a federal reporting requirement that measures how well Oregon is preparing students with disabilities for further education and employment. The PSO team consists of faculty and staff from the University of Oregon, College of Education, Secondary Special Education and Transition unit as well as the Center on Human Development unit.

The purpose of the TTAN is to provide a variety of lessons, interviews, websites, and other resources collected by and for educators supporting postsecondary transition for Oregon students with disabilities.

The TTAN consists of

  • Transition Network Facilitators (TNFs),
  • Pre-Employment Transition Services Coordinators, and
  • Pre-ETS/TNF Support Specialists
  • Technical Assistance Providers for the Youth Transition Program (YTP)

The UO PSO team works closely with the Oregon Department of Education and the TTAN to ensure that students with disabilities are provided the resources necessary to thrive during and after secondary education. Below you will find an in-depth description of the three sectors of the TTAN.


While each entity has individual goals, the Oregon Department of Education, the TTAN and the UO PSO team work together to achieve the overarching goal of providing transition-aged students with disabilities the services and resources they need to prepare them for employment or career related postsecondary education/training. This goal is accomplished through services provided by each entity.

UO PSO Team Services:

  • Updating and maintaining the PSO 2.0 Application to cater to the needs of educators and data collectors;
  • Providing technical assistance to educators and data collectors by creating and hosting trainings on the PSO 2.0 Application, postsecondary resources, and postsecondary measures; 
  • Creating training materials, data summaries, and reports using data supplied by Agency for SPP/APR indicators B1, B2, B13 and B14;
  • Leading the redevelopment of the TNF tracking application and the TransitionOregon.org website

TTAN Services: