What is PSO?

Post-School Outcomes (PSO) are reporting categories used in the Indicator B-14
data collection. They can be divided into two broad categories: Any Engagement and
No Engagement. These data are collected not just for state and federal reporting, but for
program analysis, celebration, and improvement.

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What is PSO? (Training Video)
Education & Training

The video introduces the Post School Outcomes (PSO) Data Collection, including PSO definition, why we collect PSO data, student engagement, who is eligible, exit and follow-up interviews, response rate, and representativeness.

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What is Indicator 14?
Education & Training

A concise, one-page explanation of the State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report, Indicator 14: Post-School Outcomes.

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Oregon’s Post-School Outcomes Data At-A-Glance
Education & Training

A one-page document including the why, who, when, how, and where of PSO data collection, including resources and PSO team contact information.

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District Post-School Outcomes (PSO) Timeline

This document outlines the PSO data collection tasks, who’s responsible
for the task, and key resources that support each task.

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Identify Your Post-School Outcomes (PSO) Team

This document outlines a process for identifying your district
Post-School Outcomes (PSO) team.

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